Broken is a Choice

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This is about my journey of recovering life. Little did I know that when I quit drinking in 2014 and surrendered to God’s will that a whole new life would start. I realized there was more to recovery than putting the bottle down. I spent every day from 14 to 32 years old intentionally trying to escape my childhood trauma without even realizing that I had trauma. Along with the trauma was shame that I had to process and heal from.

I had to relearn how to live life, allowing God to lead me. I took the opportunity to start over and build the life God intended me to have. I was able to grow into a new woman through doing the work daily to heal.


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I tried to change others for the longest time to fit the role I needed them to be in my life. After attempting and failing over and over, I realized it was me who needed to change. Then, when I started to change, little by little, over time, my life drastically improved. People, places, and things started to disappear. I called that, “God weeding my garden”. God had to remove everything that wasn’t good for me so that I could begin a new life with him leading the way. It was old thought patterns, unhealthy coping skills, bad choices, and toxic relationships. Today I’m grateful for everything that has happened the way it was intended.

1 review for Broken is a Choice

  1. Carlos Villamor Orraca

    First things first. Yes I am broken and in Recovery for many things that I have personally experienced in my life, and this reading impacted me on so many different levels. From emotional to spiritual, and empathy and love for the Author. I am not a heavy book reader, and I couldn’t put this book down when i started reading her book. Anyone who is in any form of recovery should read this book. It’s so relatable, it’s so heartfelt, it expresses all the thing’s we have gone through in our lives, even if the Authors experiences may not quite match up with yours, the pain and struggle, and heavy tears and heart ache is all there for you to experience. She is wonderful, and her book has inspired me to realize that being broken is a choice. Her book, her story has inspired me deeply, and it surely will for you. Buy the book, you won’t regret it, be blessed.

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